We're trustworthy, kind, and
skilled movers offering
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Whether you're making a residential or commercial move in NYC,
a move is a major change.
It’s the close of one chapter and the opening of another.
It’s exciting, scary, and inspiring. It’s also very, very stressful. .

But for us, the movers, it can be almost magical.
In the script of a life, there are chapters,
and then there are the strange little spaces between the chapters.
We’re with you between the chapters.
We escort you and your belongings from your old home to your new one.

Why Rabbit Movers

In an age of high volume and lesser quality service companies, it is powerful to be associated with a company who pays attention to the important details that make moving a wonderful  experience for our customers.

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Free Competitively Priced Moving Estimate Quotes
  • Skilled Qualified Moving Crew
  • Relocation Consultant for Counsel Regarding All Moving Issues
  • We offer Local, Interstate, Specialty Moving & Storage

93% of our Revenue is Generated by Repeat Business or Personal Recommendation

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Our standards are absurdly high.
But more often than not, we meet them.


I can't thank Rabbit Movers enough. They turned a potentially disastrous situation into a pleasant one, a mountain into a mole hill. Movers who can get the job done are easy to find. They lift, they carry, they pack, they unpack. But Rabbit Movers are the only ones who can also be nice, who can also be honest, helpful, and be genuinely invested in the well being of the person pacing back and forth, wondering if everything will be okay.
-Jim Sherwin

The folks at Rabbit could not be more accommodating, helpful, patient and professional – just what one needs in the midst of a sudden and stressful move. YAY RABBITMOVERS! -Merrill Carey